Using Custom Tags in a ColdFusion Application

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Adding Custom tags to your website can bring a variety of benefits, including improving search engine rankings and increasing website traffic. These tags can be used for a variety of purposes, including to enhance your website’s appearance, to make content more accessible, or to provide additional information about your products and services.

Custom tags Use

Using custom tags in a ColdFusion application can help you streamline your application’s workflow. Custom tags can be used to help you filter sessions, access enterprise services, and perform flow control. They can also be used to create user-defined tags.

Custom tags can be implemented with a single ColdFusion page. Using a tag library can also be a great option. These libraries are distributed by vendors or can be created by users. Adding a tag library to your project can be done as easily as adding a project file.

Custom tags can be implemented as standard CFML tags. They can also be used to access databases, perform processing forms, and operate on implicit objects. They can be used for many purposes, including mailing, advertising, and merchandise wrapping.

Tags can contain text, HTML text, and scripting components. They can also define dynamically named scripting variables. Custom tags are user-defined JSP language elements that are translated into servlets.

When you want to use a custom tag in your ColdFusion application, the first step is to create a tag handler class. The class defines the custom tag’s name, its requirements, and its class type. Then it inherits from TagSupport.

Once you create the tag handler, you need to implement various methods that are invoked at different stages of the application. The doStartTag method is used to write the custom tag action. It is also used by the web container to translate the tag to a servlet.

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