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India’s Best Treks Hamta Pass, Himachal Pradesh

Moderate difficulty

Location precisely: Kullu

Prime time is June to September

Bus Elevation: 4270m – This is the best method of transport

This journey takes you between the Kullu Valley in Himachal Pradesh (India) and the Chandra Valley, Lahaul, Nepal. You will find tiny lakes, waterfalls and hanging glaciers at the pass, as well as steep granite faces.

The Hampta Pass Trek is the entry point for trekkers to the Lahaul region. Because of the difficult glaciers and fast-moving rivers, this hike is thrilling and memorable.

Beas kund Trek, Himachal Pradesh

Moderate difficulty

Particular location: Manali Best season: May-October

Bus Elevation: 3700m – This is the best method of transport

Hidden among the dense, green Beas Kund grasses is a lake. Sage Vyas (the author of the Mahabharata) may have bathed in this lake. It also serves as the source for the Beas River.

Chadar trek, Ladakh

Moderate to difficult in difficulty

Location exactly: Leh

The best time to do this is between January and February.

You can either fly into Leh’s international airport or take a bus from Manali.

Another name for the Chadar Trek is Zanskar Gorge Trek. It is a 105km trip one-way. When the Zanskar River freezes, it is best to go trekking. It takes approximately 7-9 days to complete the walk, and winds can be quite chilly. Many people travel in groups, rather than traveling alone. The trek covers 62 kilometres. A daily walk of 5-6 hours is recommended.

Nanda Devi trek, Uttarakhand

Moderate to difficult in difficulty

Location precisely: Garhwal

The best months are May through June, September through October.

Bus Elevation: 4150m – This is the best method of transport

The famous Nanda Devi National Park is located along with other streams, glaciers and minor streams. One of the tallest mountains in India is Nanda Devi. It takes approximately 8 to 9 days to complete the walk, which covers 55 kilometres. You will see wild animals and plants along the route. You may be able to see endangered animals such as the Himalayan black bear and snow leopard.

Goecha La trek, Sikkim

A difficult task.

Sikkim is the most notable.

Mar-Jun, September-November and November are the best months.

You have two options for travel: Fly or take a train


From this pass, you can see the southeast face Kanchenjunga. This trek is known for its stunning views of the mountains, and beautiful rhododendron forest.

You will also be able to see the clear blue skies and lakes. It is a difficult trek but it is well worth the effort once you reach the top.

The trek can take between 10 and 11 days. New Jalpai Guri, the closest railway station, and Bagdogra, the nearest airport are both available. It takes approximately 90 kms to trek.

Uttarakhand, Valley of Flowers

Intermediate to easy levels of difficulty

exact location: Garhwal region

The months of July through September are ideal for travel.

The best mode of transport is the bus at an elevation of 3 658 metres.

The Valley of Blooms, as its name suggests, is home to an incredible variety of flowers. The Valley is surrounded by mountains on all sides.

Another sight to see is the Valley of Flowers National Park, which is known for its rare alpine flowering plants.

This walk is best done during monsoon. This is where Lord Hanuman, believed to have brought the plant to save Lakshman from death, also says so.

Uttarakhand, Roopkund Trek

Moderate difficulty

Location precisely: Chamoli

The best months are May through June, September through October.

Bus Elevation: Best Accessible Method: 4500M

A lake with a maximum height of 5029m has human remains at its bottom. You will pass through lush green forests filled with birds and temples. It takes approximately 8 days to complete the walk.

Great Lakes Trek Jammu & Kashmir

Moderate to difficult in difficulty

Location precisely: Sonmarg

June, September, and October are the ideal months.

Flying is the best way to travel.

Height: 4200m

The walk is famous for its seven glacial lakes. They can be seen as we go along. Numerous streams, brooks and forests add to the trek’s appeal.

It is approximately 72 km long and can be completed in 7 days.

Sonmarg is the starting point, and Narang is the destination.

Srinagar is the nearest airport, and Jammu is closest to Jammu.

Maharashtra, Rajmachi Trek

Simple Difficulty

Lonavala is a specific example.

The best time to visit is June through mid November.

The best way to travel is by train, bus, or airline

Height: 838 m

This trek is best for beginners. It can be completed in one day. It is located 15 km from Lonavala. This is the most prominent spot in the area. It is a Shivaji-built structure called Rajmachi Fort. The thick forest surrounds both sides of the journey. You will also find waterfalls, temples, or Buddhist caves.

This journey can be accessed from either the Lonavala or Karjat sides. Although it is easier, the climb to the Lonavala side takes a bit longer.

Stok Kangri trek, Ladakh

A difficult task.

Location precisely: Kangri

The optimal period is July to September

Flying or taking a bus is the best way to get there

Height: 5260m

It is India’s highest peak. It can take approximately 9 days to complete the walk. The last few days can be difficult when you have to deal with sub-zero temperatures. No prior experience with trekking is required.

The journey from Stok is the shortest. You can see the Karakoram mountains to the north and Zanskar mountains to the south from the road.



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