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New Year party in Delhi


A new year’s start is a beautiful occasion that symbolizes our daily new beginnings. It is a day filled with new goals, joyful moments, and the best of beginnings. The new year’s party is the most important celebration of the year. We should value it greatly. To organize the perfect new year celebration, you will need to gather the locations listed around Delhi. The New Year’s celebration should live up to the expectations of partygoers. Choose the most elegant locations with a reputation for providing the finest hotels. The best resorts have the best musical acts. The DJs integrate seamlessly and are present throughout the new year to ensure the best night start. Delhi may have the best party spots in India. You can also visit goa new year party.


Are you still waiting? 2019 is near. A New Year’s Celebration in Delhi is the best option to make countless memories that will last the entire year. Delhi is known for its many amazing clubs, hotels, resorts and DJs. This makes New Year’s celebrations a huge deal. You must have the best of everything during the celebrations. A new party is the single moment that represents our fresh start and life’s changes. It is important to have a great celebration on the day of the new year. These are the top locations in Delhi for announcing your new year’s celebrations.

  1. New Year Eve Carnival Bollywood Dance Party at Smaaash Carnival

For the best New Year’s Eve celebration, bring your family to Smaaash Carnival’s New Year Eve Carnival Bollywood Dance Party. It is the best place to provide fun activities for children and adults. With the delicious food and great music, you can be sure to have a lot fun here. You can enter the mad world by wearing the masks provided at the entrance. To experience something exciting, organize a New Year’s Eve Bollywood Dance Party. You will receive drinks and prizes.

Location: Sector 18, Noida, Uttar Pradesh. This is the home of the DLF Mall of India with the postcode 2013.

2.Utsav vatika

Utsav is the best place to celebrate the new Year. You might discover new and exciting things that will keep you happy all year. Bonfires will keep you warm, and a DJ will keep the party going all night. Unlimited refreshments and beverages will be available.

Location: Utsav Vatika, in Delhi’s Rohini Sector 16 at Bawana Road.

3.Flavor Pirates

You can host a poolside party with DJs for your New Years Eve celebrations. This is one of the best types of pirates you can have fun with this year. You will have unlimited food and drink, as well as DJ music that will highlight your new year. Let’s make reservations together for the new year.

The location is Flavor Pirates Noida.

4.New Year Party at The Ashok Hotel

The Ashok hotel is known for its brand new party venue. This is the best location for anyone over 40. The celebration will start at 9:00 PM. This celebration features great music, dances, drinks, food, and beverages. To ring in the new year, you can wear a formal dress.

Location: Chanakyapuri’s Hotel Ashoka, Delhi.

5.The Hong Kong Club, Euphoric Affairs

For those who wish to welcome the new year with unforgettable experiences, the Hong Cong Club is the best option. This club features a mix of international entertainment and the best 20+ artists. DJs are the best source for Cantonese food and lively music. You can lift your spirits with endlessly entertaining moments.

Lage: The Hong Kong Club, Delhi’s Aerocity

6.FLYP Cafe, New Year’s Party

A great place to welcome the new year in Delhi. You might consider trying the FLYP cafe packages. Enjoy a happy new year. FLYP cafe is a top-rated cafe for successfully implementing your New Years celebrations.

The FLYP Cafe in Delhi is the ideal location.

  1. AnnaMaya, New Year Eve

New Year’s Eve party attendees are welcome at Annamaya, a popular Delhi restaurant. There will be a wide variety of delicious snacks and meals available. It is possible to ring in the New Year together with your loved ones. The joyous moments are made more memorable by DJ beats. This spot is known for its sweets and child-friendly entertainment.

Location: At the Ground Floor of Asset No. 1.

2.New Year Eve Bash, Privee Shangri-Laas Eros Hotel

To add more glamour to the celebration, top celebrities Jass Manak & Raftaar were invited to Shangri-Eros Hotel. This new year’s celebration was sure to bring in the lights. You just need to purchase your tickets and arrange to be part of the wild celebration.

Location: Privee at Shangri-La’s Eros of Hotel Complex.

3.New Year Eve Bash at Key Nightclub Hotel Samrat

The Hotel Samrat in Delhi is a popular venue for New Year celebrations. There will be many treats and beverages available, as well as Russian dancers. It is also a popular spot for top-quality cuisine. You can find many entertaining events here.

Location: Key Nightclub Hotel Samrat at Chanakyapuri’s Kautilya Marg.

4.Aqua The Park – New Year’s Eve Bash

Aqua’s New Years Eve Party You have to try The Park. It’s one of our favorite experiences. The park is a magical place where you can feel like you are in heaven during a New Year’s Eve party. The performances will be a delight.

Location: Aqua at Poolside Bar, Connaught Place. New Delhi. At The Park15 of Parliament Street.



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