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7 Crazy Things You Can Do With Your Smartphone

While smartphones have become an essential part of modern life, they can also be used for weird and wonderful things.   

For example, did you know you can use your smartphone to see in the dark? Or that you can use it to start a fire? You can also use your smartphone to play virtual escape room games like Clue Chase. Here are seven of the craziest things you can do with your smartphone:  

  1. See in the dark:

You can turn your smartphone into a night vision camera by installing a particular app. This can be handy for spotting wildlife in low light or for checking under the bed for monsters. In today’s world, our smartphone is our constant companion. We use it to stay in contact with our friends and family, to stay up-to-date on the most important news, and to see and get a wealth of information at our fingertips. But did you know your smartphone can also help you see in the dark? That’s right – several apps can turn your phone’s camera into a powerful night vision tool. Whether you’re attempting and trying to get a good view of the stars at night or navigating through a dark room, these apps can give you the light you need to see. So next time you find yourself in the dark, don’t be afraid to reach for your smartphone. With the right app, it can help you see just fine. 

  1. Diagnose diseases:

There are now apps that can help you diagnose common illnesses like the flu or a cold. Enter your symptoms, and the app will give you a list of possible diagnoses. 

  1. Play mind games: 

Games like Lumosity can help to improve your memory and cognitive skills. And if you ever find yourself bored on a long journey, plenty of other brain-training games keep you entertained. 

  1. Turn your photos into art: 

With the help of clever apps, anyone can create stunning works of art from their photographs. So if you’re unhappy with your holiday snaps, why not give them a makeover? With the advent of digital photography, anyone can be a photographer. But with so many photos being taken every day, it can take time to make your images stand out from the crowd. One way to create unique and eye-catching photos is to turn them into art. With a few simple edits, smartphone snaps can be transformed into works of art worthy of hanging on your wall. The best part about this is that you don’t need special equipment or know-how to start. All you need is an editing app and a bit of imagination. So why not give it a try? Who knows, you might surprise yourself with the results. 

  1. Get fit: 

There are now countless fitness apps that can be a big help you get in shape, whether you want to reduce your weight, build muscle or improve your overall fitness levels. Exercise is very important and you might not get the time to go to the gym. In that case, download an exercise app and you can stay fit at home for free.  

  1. Test your Improv skills: 

Many apps offer improv games and exercises, perfect for those who want to brush up on their acting skills or have fun. If you’re looking to improve your improvisational skills, there’s no better way to practice than with a smartphone. With its built-in camera and microphone, a smartphone is perfect for recording impromptu scenes and performances. You can even use apps like Splice to edit your recordings and add sound effects. Best of all, you can share your recordings with friends and family members to get feedback. So, if you’re ready to test your improv skills, grab your smartphone and start recording. Who knows, you might surprise yourself with how good you are. 

  1. Make money: 

Yes, apps can even help you make money! You could sell unwanted items on Etsy, deliver food with UberEats or even rent your spare room on Airbnb. So what are you waiting for? Start earning! There are many ways to make money these days, but one of the easiest is to start with what you already have: your smartphone. Many apps will allow you to earn cash by completing simple tasks, such as taking surveys or watching videos. You can also sign up for websites that will pay you to do small jobs, such as clicking on ads or writing reviews. If you’re willing to put in a bit of effort, you can easily make some extra cash with your smartphone.


Smartphones are one of the most versatile Technologies and can help us become adept at several things. It can help us calculate things, keep notes, make art, exercise, connect with our loved ones, and so many other things. So get your smartphones and download apps to make your phone more versatile.  



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