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CFA Exam- An Overview

The global education system is improving. Many students are discovering new job opportunities in a variety of sectors. However, it has been observed that, in addition to an academic qualification, experience and abilities are required for a job or internship especially for CFA Level 1

There has been a division between two categories of students: those who are ready with their career path and are going to earn every opportunity they can, and those who are just looking for a course that will allow them to acquire a job. Typically, we see in our schools that the majority of students enrol in the commerce stream. However, not every student there has chosen that path.

Many people are simply trying their luck in the commerce BBA course because it is the fundamental degree in the commerce field. What they don’t realize is that it’s not necessary to accomplish something fundamental; instead, try your luck with something new which has a longer scope in the future. And with that in mind, we’ll talk about a program that meets all of the requirements for a professional path, scope, job chances, skills, and a stairway to an incredible life.

What is the CFA Program?

CFA is an abbreviation for Chartered Financial Analyst. In layman’s terms, it refers to someone who studies financial records and develops further plans for improvement. It is the gold standard degree in the field of finance and investment. As a result, CFA Level 1 provides a wide range of opportunities for those with a background in business and an understanding of finance.

Why is CFA the best option for you?

It may appear to be a novel professional path for many students, but it is also a perilous path to take. However, the program offers so many benefits that it is hard to list them all.

  • Globally Recognised Degree – If those around you are taking a similar road, it does not imply that you will do the same. One should be conscious of how a course is perceived globally. CFA is recognized in over 165 countries and is regarded as one of the best degrees in the financial field.
  • Major Scope -.The course teaches you numerous skills including portfolio management and financial modelling, which allows a CFA to cover a wide range of profiles like a portfolio manager or fund manager. Thus, it is a popular choice among many employers.
  • Personal and Network Growth – This program assists you in developing the habit of making decisions as well as making a point and proving it. It is critical in today’s environment to make sound judgments and provide appropriate responses. It makes you more responsible and serious about money matters. It normally equips you to face real-life problems and develop solutions to them.

Who is Eligible for CFA Level 1?

To be eligible for CFA Level 1 one should have a passport and one of these requirements:

a. Undergraduate Degree – If a person has completed a bachelor’s degree with an equivalent program

b. Final Year Degree – One can apply for the program before the final year exams as it will give the time to do preparations between your exam end and the level 1 exam. One should complete the final program degree before the Level 2 exam date.

c. Professional – If you have work experience and still want to pursue a higher degree then you can work as well as give the level 1 exam. 

Be sure to scan the internet to learn more about CFA level 1 free courses.

What is the pattern of the CFA Exam?

The level 1 exam is divided into two sections each of 90 multiple choice questions and time of 2 hours 15 minutes. 

The first section covers the areas of ethics & professional standards, economics, quantitative methods, and financial statement analysis. While section two focuses on topics of fixed income, equity, alternate investments, portfolio management, and derivatives.

However, the weightage of ethics and professional standards, statement analysis, and fixed income is high. There is no negative marking on the incorrect answers. So, it’s better to answer all the questions. 

In the exam, there are no options like all of these or none of these, can’t be calculated, etc. Three options will be given out of which one is correct.

However, many people are studying CFA level 1 free courses with the help of many websites and books. However, it is preferable to learn with a professional teacher who has extensive experience and can provide instruction. Numerous institutes in India offer CFA courses and can provide a variety of opportunities solely in India, such as Wealth Management Firms, KPO Research, and so on.

Final Overview

Overall, CFA is an amazing program that will provide you with actual knowledge and experience, as well as tremendous employment chances in the finance field. So, what are you holding out for? Apply for the course if you are pursuing a bachelor’s or master’s degree or working as a professional, and let your hard work become your success.



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