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Lookout Bullies OgyMogy Android Spy Software is Here

Bullying is not a small matter anymore. With the ease of online communication and instant messenger chat apps, this issue has increased to so many levels.

  • Roughly 95% of American teens use online services mostly through cell phones. Thus it is one of the most common medium that is mentioned when cyberbullying is discussed.  
  • 37% of people belonging to the age group 12-17  have been victims of online bullying. 
  • Among them, 30% have mentioned that it has happened more than once.

It is easy to use online mediums for bullying as one can simply hide behind the screen cover. Moreover, fake identities and false information are also way more common than you imagine in the online world. 

So the next question that comes into mind is how to tackle these bullies. How to save our loved ones, employees or people around us from these sociopaths? Well, the answer to this question is very simple. Get the Android spy software and monitor the online activities of the target. You can use the service for yourself to save all the proof and relevant data on the portal. Here is how one can deal with all possible bullies in life. It includes bullies on digital media platforms, in the workplace, in real life and more. 

Monitor The Foul Language In Facebook Comments:

Social media platforms have all types of troubles and fights. As it is easy to vomit out your frustration on anyone without taking responsibility. The OgyMogy Android spy software offers a Facebook spy app. Any form of abusive language or threatening content on Facebook is traced with the spy app. User can make sure no one bully the kids or employee on the platform. 

Check if Anyone is Sharing Trigerring Snaps on Snapchat:

Snapchat makes things disappear as soon as they are received. This may sound cool thing to some but it has dangerous aspects as well. With the OgyMogy Android spy software, one can track Snapchat activities in detail. Even any triggering media file shared through Snapchat can be received with the spy app. 

Monitor the Instagram Followers List Frequently:

People disguise themselves as a friend on online platforms just to stab when the chance comes. Keep a check on the follower list of the target. It can be your official business account or the kid’s account. In any case, the Instagram spy app allows those to know about the followers and following list and other content. 

Read the sent and Received Text on WhatsApp:

What’s App offer end-to-end encryption to its users. Moreover, the other feature like View once and more make it one of the interesting apps. Bullies and sick people can use these same features against you. Monitor all the private and group WhatsApp chats of the target with the android spy software.

Monitor the Telegram Channel Content :

Telegram is popular among many chat communities. The telegram spy app not only keeps the user posted about the private stuff but also public content as well. 

Keep A chcek On people Eagement on Youtube Vidoes:

YouTube is one of the most popular videos streaming platforms. People upload content and share the content as well. OgyMogy Android spy software makes it possible for the user to watch the Youtube streaming history and scientist of the target. You can know if they encounter any triggering stuff. Similarly, any comment or foul language usage is also recorded and notified to the user. 

Track any Bully Boss:

Besides digital media, the OgyMogy android spy software also offers a feature that can be used for tracking bullies. Mic bug feature for example records all the sounds and voices around the target. 

Track the  Stalker In the Company of The Target:

With the camera bug and mic bug feature, one can easily track any unidentified or unwanted company of the target. 

OgyMogy Android spy software is easy to use and offers simple steps for installation. The user-friendly interface makes it one of the best choices even for non-tech people. Get the app today and make the digital space toxic-free. Everything is stored on the online portal so in case of any unforeseen circumstances the data can be used accordingly



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