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How Spy WhatsApp Help In Managing Marketing Campaigns?

Marketing and promotions a so much different these days. Want to promote your product or service? Simply make an account on a free platform and start promoting. There is no fee or charge and you can engage with all the potential customers as you like. But with such ease comes the loopholes. A single mistake can sabotage your brand or business in a matter of seconds. So extra care and attention are needed when dealing with a digital marketing campaign. Especially if you have a team then it is extremely necessary to keep a check on their every move. A slight carelessness from a social media team member can cost so much.

Take the example of WhatsApp. They have a separate WhatsApp business account which is used by many people.  Attractive features like status sharing with the audience, automatic text sending, group chat and group invitation options all feature are extremely useful for people dealing in business. WhatsApp is one of the best tools to use as a marketing tool for any type of business.

  • More than 5 million businesses in the US enjoy the services of WhatsApp business.
  • 53% of American WhatsApp users switch to the chat platform at least once per day to check the app.

Spy WhatsApp With TheOneSpy:

TheOneSpy one of the best android and Windows /Mac app offers excellent monitoring features for business. A variety of social media platforms and instant messenger chat apps can be monitored by using this app. Today we are going to focus on WhatsApp only. Here is why how the WhstApp can help you in managing your marketing campaign. 

Real-Time Activity Access:

Real-time access to all the WhatsApp screen activities is possible with spy WhatsApp. You can remotely know who is managing the official account and activities in real-time. Check if they are timely responding and updating content relevant to the campaigns. Stop any form of personal usage of the official account by the target employee. 

Timestamped Information:

In the case of the TheOneSpy spy WhatsApp, all the information is saved with timestamped information. Thus tracking of any online mistake or query complaint from customers can be tracked down to specific employees easily. TheOneSpy makes it more professional to deal with online marketing and campaigns. 

Alerts About Business Calls:

Al the income and outgoing business call record is saved by the WhatsApp call log feature. Users can know which product or service is doing good among the customer. Another bonus feature offered by the app is call recording. You can even listen to customer chats and wishes regarding future products or campaigns. Plan accordingly and make get successful in your business. 

Remotely Monitor All the Customer’s Chats: 

Marketing through WhatsApp means easy access to the business through chat. People sometimes ask too many questions queries before buying. TheOneSpy makes sure that no employees respond rudely or any customer has left unresponded.  The spy WhatsApp allows the user to read the sent and received text messages of the official account. 

Recover the Disappeared Content:

The disappearing chat and message options may be a good thing for some people but it’s nightmare for businessmen. Imagine losing a whole chat with customers regarding any product or deal just because you have the wrong setting on WhatsApp. Recover any important or even the message deleted by the employees through the TheOneSpy. All the chat details are saved on the original form on the online portal.

Save The Media Shared Through The Official Account:

WhatsApp allows its user to share all sorts of media files through this platform. One can share a video, image audio file and even a document. Stop any form of foul play in marketing or sale offers by keeping an eye on the media shared through the chat. 

Spy WhatsApp, spy app for FaceBook, Snapchat spy app, Instagram spy app and more are just some examples. Spy WhatsApp is just one of the features of the social media monitoring list. It is offered in android as well as Mac and Windows versions. You can monitor the employees through cellphones as well as desktops and laptops. All three bundles offer spy WhatsApp features along with their advanced features. You can let your employees know by yourself that they have been monitored. Otherwise, the app can keep your secret safe as it offered stealth mode



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