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The Ultimate Guide to Actors Headshots

Are you willing to start booking acting jobs? Then, the first and the most important marketing material that you will need is Actors Headshots. These are something that shows the casting director what you look like which helps them decide whether to bring you or not for the audition. 

It might be fair or unfair to say but the actors who make it to the other side are not just hired for their acting ability, but the way they look plays a significant role. The casting directors are entitled to the responsibility to shortlist the right actors for the part. Each and every day, they shift through thousands of Actors Headshots, to find the people who look perfect for the role, after which they bring them into the audition room. 

Actors Headshots- How it should look like?

 To put it in simple terms, Actors Headshots need to show you clearly, have a good expression, and should look like you have spent a substantial amount on it. Unprofessional, low-budget headshots tend to perform poorly because by looking at your headshot, the director can tell you whether you have spent money on it or not and whether you have availed the services of a dedicated headshot photographer for the purpose. 

Here we have mentioned some of the most important elements for a great actor headshot. Let’s look at them. 

  1. Indoor vs Outdoor: When it comes to Actors Headshots, you have the option of shooting it both indoors or outdoors as truth be told, that does not make much of a difference to casting directors. Indoor headshots are usually done with studio lightning and have either flat backdrops or blurry backgrounds. And if you decide on outdoor headshots, then the background should be made blurred so that you can stand out in the frame. 
  2. Smiling Vs Serious: To be very honest, you should do some of both. Now the point of concern here for some is what should they do if they have slightly yellow or crooked teeth. Well, then also we would tell you that you should take some big smile shots because retouching can fix that. 
  3. Specific vs Generalized: There are some actors who think that they should do a generalized headshot as that is something that can be submitted to a variety of auditions. But this is a big blunder. Rather you should shoot different specific Type headshots and then submit the most relevant headshot to each audition. This method will be far more effective. Just take an example, if you are submitting for a role to play a psychologist, you would prefer to use a completely different headshot than if you are submitting to play a blue-collar construction worker. 
  4. Props: You are advised to avoid props and keep your hands out of the shot unless the Actors Headshots are clicked from the waist up. Talking about true actor headshots, i.e., chest up, your hands should never be in the shot. The only props that you can wear are glasses, but that too, if you normally wear them. You should keep jewelry and anything else that will not show the true YOU completely out of the shot. 
  5. Background: The background that you choose should not be distracting. If you are not shooting in a flat backdrop, and have chosen real life as the background, then make sure that it is extremely blurred out so nobody can tell what ‘s behind you. The sharper the background, the more distracting and less professional the Actors Headshots will look. 
  6. Natural vs Studio Lighting: There are some actors who prefer studio lights, while there are some who think natural light might just be the right way to go, especially when it comes to Actors Headshots. Make sure to tell the photographer not to use specialized lighting to alter the shape of your face, making your face thinner, for example. This is something that the casting directors hate the most as the actors look pretty different in their real life than what they look in their headshots. So, be sure to stay away from this problem.

Final Take:

Don’t be afraid of Actors Headshots. The sessions are pretty simple and straightforward also. All you need to do is to get in touch with some of the best photographers out there, find someone who fits the bill in the best way possible and thereafter schedule a time for your shoot. Simply show up at the predetermined location or at their studio, and they are there to guide you through the entire process where they will tell you where to stand, what to do, and stuffs. Don’t go for cheaper photographers as they will put more of the work on you. Whereas reputed photographers will be hyper-specific with you



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