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Check out the easy-to-use guide to shave your crown with a head shaver.

One shared hairstyle that each one can attain with a head shaver, no matter if it’s by choice or genetics, despite of the type of hair they have or no hair on the top of their heads. In case you’re scheming to shave your head, then ensue this easy-to-use guide, which will not only helps you to have a better-shaved – but also save you from making the trip at the kiosk of a tensorial artist and from spending dollars. 

How to shave your head with an  electric head shaver?

The essentiality of maintaining a routine: – 

Ardently developing a habitat for yourself inculcates a lot of excellent habitats and boosts the capability of the work that you’re undertaking. Spotting a head-shaving routine for yourself will not only help to get a clean shave, but with added time, you’ll be able to decrease the time it takes to shave your head.

Utilization of correct equipment: –

Choosing the absolute pair of equipment for the job is exceptionally a crucial part-of-getting a close and pleasant shaved head. Ensure regularly that you start with a fresh razor blade. Yet you can use a straight or double-edged razor – so, in terms of selecting the razor, we recommend using a cartridge razor for the shave. While shaving your head, there will be a lot of blind spots and hard-to-reach places. In case you’re not exhausted then indeed you can end up cutting yourself, which will manifest plenty of blood from the head – not cool.

Shaving your head: –

So, now we’ve entered into the most interesting-section, the real-shaving of the head. Ensure to take out a little time of your day before you began – notably when it’s the first time. Remember that a sprint shaved can drive towards an inferior outcome and perhaps also lack blood.

Preparing the scalp: –

One of the finest ways to shave your head is shaving after a hot shower since your hair will be fluffy and can be trimmed more effortlessly with a head shaver. Simultaneously, at the time of showering, ensure to wash the hair comprehensively. You can also desire to brush the scalp that can exfoliate the skin beneath and hey the hair for a ready-to-shave. After completing the shower, if your hair is not already down to size, avail of a pair of trimmers to take it down to a ¼ inch. In case your trimmer does have such settings, attempt with a one or a two. Bid with some better head shaving cream at the whole area of your crown, and ensure that you include a little amount-of-water to develop the super slickness that you require.

Shaving the head with an electric head shaver: –

 Start cropping your hair right from the grain. Put in a little bit of pressure and allow the saver to do the task for you. Optimistically, you can locate shaving is much more straightforward than shaving your face. Basically, the skin of the head is used to be stiffer and has a flatter surface spot, letting the blade-of-the-shaver-slide smoothly across the crown.

Like the back of your head, save the thicker or coarser places at last. Slant your head as the skin is tight – though you can stretch the skin out with your free hand to make the spot flatter.

Scrutinize for any missed spots whenever you have completed the first step, and repeat the same round with shaving cream to those places you’ve missed.

Do not forget that the best shaver for shaving your crown is those that are keen and unsullied, so never slight from changing the shaver in between shaves.

Post-head shave: –

Run a little-bit-amount of cold water over the head after the shave is done and then pat with a dry towel. Bid with some head-shaving creaming gel to fend off the inflammation and annoyance. 

Whether you would like to keep your head hair-free, then we’ll like to suggest you shave every 1-3 days, based on how swiftly your hair expands.

Protecting yourself from the sun: –

For your newly shaved crown, one of the other repercussions is the aftermath of the sun. Besides the absence of hair, there’s nothing between your head and the sun’s harmful rays. So, to secure yourself, ensure moisturization regularly with such a thing that has SPF technology, such as the Natural SPF of Cremo. 

Conclusion: – 

So, these are the steps – you must follow to shave your head with a head shaver. In today’s mart, several firms have evolved out that astonishingly offer superior quality products to help you in your successful shave. The lathering shave cream and the shaving cream of the original deliver the impossible slick formulas that support having a close shave successfully. Defend your skin afterward with a post-shave balm which can affix the moisture back into the face and secure it from razor burn and rash.



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