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How Hexagon twist top boxes making your business strong

Hexagon twist top boxes are the super attractive and unique solution for light weight products or gifts. This is enough, roomy to accommodate lots of merchandise. The six sides and space-friendly packaging is the ultimate solution for food, cosmetics, and other small retail products. The attractive and unique dimensional box enhances the value of the encased products or stuff. The hexagonal shape makes it attractive and ideal for the round or circular shape products. The distinctive shape boxes are also good for the storage or shipping any kind of product. For this reason, Finpackaging is bringing this ordinary dimension box that stunningly spread put your brand marketing too. We provide custom boxes that help your customers to recall your company name easily. The cardboard bottom tray or lid makes it protected and attractive for users. This provides easy assembly and reliable for storing the products for a long period of time. Thus, you just need to tell us about your requirements; we try to fulfill every need in a short period of time.

How hexagon twist top boxes are ideal for the gifting bundles?

The 6 sided Hexagons are much better choice than the rectangular or square shape packaging. The unique feature or enhanced outlined custom hexagon twist top boxes are space-friendly and adding extra glamour into your gifting. These can be utilized for the cosmetics, confectionery or jewelry gifting that will go to win the heart of your loved ones. Therefore, we are giving the precisely shaped packaging with the essential customization or modifications. You can also add extra embellishment, decoration, bows, and beads which also increase the outlook of the box.

Hexagon twist top box helps to display your products effectively

When it comes to the benefits of hexagon twist top boxes, then it will never disappoint you. The distinctive packaging holds the brand-related themes, images, and logo of the company. This thing starts making your branding according to your product requirements. The embossed logo is making a clear and everlasting recognition of your business for the customers. However, we are definitely crafted every with your logo and stunning color schemes that boost the display or shelf presentation of the box. We know that if the Hexagon twist top packaging is printed too amazingly, it will impeccably elevate the production value on the retail shelf. Hence, beat your competitors with outstanding boxes and tell us your requirements.

Amiable-structured Hexagon brings lots of advantages

The twist top hexagon is considered friendly-structured packaging that has the same dimensions on all six sides. The bottom tray and lid hang around on the top and can easily detach to cover or lid. The hexagonal shape tray comes with four flaps fitted in the box and acted like a top cover. The top lid is ready to be attached on the top which provides the ultimate security to the in house products. The rear and front panels are attractively larger from other side panels that make it desirable shape for anyone. This is the reason, the Hexagon twist top boxis ideal for the presentation of any product.

Get advantage of our fast turnaround services

Finpackaging is making sure to help our customers in crafting high-quality and best printing, custom hexagon twist top boxes at the fastest turnaround time. This is the main purpose of our services to provide Hexagon twist top in such a manner which increase the product sale at the same time.  Hence, if you are going to launch a new business we offer discounts and wholesale rates in packaging.  So get the advantage of our committed and fast delivery services by placing your order right now.



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