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How To Find A Contractor For Home Renovations

It can be challenging to find a reliable home improvement contractor for both significant and minor property upgrades. More than just keeping improvements on schedule and under budget, there are concerns for homeowners. You should also look for a home improvement contractor who has a good track record, many years of experience, and an understanding of the type of property renovation you have in mind. If you need assistance locating a reputable home builder for your forthcoming project.

According to Matt Ehrlichman, CEO, chairman, and founder of Porch Group, a software firm for the home improvement service market, “Every home improvement job is unique and requires a specialized approach from the proper contractor to be successful.”

Ehrlichman recommends homeowners have a well-defined plan, do in-depth research, and utilize a strong network for each project in order to find a trustworthy home contractor. We have narrowed down the top five crucial aspects after thoroughly examining various properties. You can choose one of the home contractors mentioned below on your own by taking into account these factors.

  • Find a qualified home contractor by reviewing reliable sources.

It is simple to locate trustworthy companies to work with if you ask friends and family about their encounters with reliable home contractors. If you’re new to the region or unsure of your other options, think about using online resources like Angie’s List and Checkbook to find a reliable home contractor who will work for you and not just for the money.

According to Consumer Reports, the most trustworthy online review platforms verify user testimonials. Make sure each reviewer has experience dealing with the home contractor you’re contemplating hiring to acquire the most accurate information.

  • Clearly define your renovation project.

Before you begin contacting specialists, do have a firm idea of how you want to rebuild your house. Even though it might seem simple, some homeowners hire builders, choose a design, and then, after the construction has started, ask for changes or more alterations.

Find out who did all the work and if they are happy with the result. The final product appears to be fantastic. Look for properties that have recently undergone improvements as you drive around your area. Most homeowners are ready to refer particular contractors to others when they are pleased with the work.

As a result, the project regularly goes over budget, misses deadlines, or is even completely abandoned. Always plan ahead to prevent having to make changes in the middle of the procedure.

  • Consider your options carefully when making payments

It’s typical for a reliable operation to do this as things get going. An honest home builder will want a little deposit to cover their total fee. The Home Advisor suggests against giving the contractors more than 18% of the total cost up front for a significant renovation. In California, it is illegal for a contractor to demand or accept a down payment from a homeowner that exceeds 10% of the total cost of the home repair.

  • Verify your insurance and licenses.

You may immediately cut down the number of contractors on your list by requesting proof of their credentials and licensing from each one. Your home renovation contractor may need to hold special licenses or certificates depending on the project and where you reside. Inquire about the exact requirements for contractors with your local government’s licensing division since they vary by state.

In addition to ensuring that contractors have the necessary licenses and certificates to carry out the task safely and legally, make sure everyone on your list is covered by liability insurance in case they cause damage to your home. The contractor and any additional employees should be covered by worker’s compensation as well. Make sure their insurance policies are up to date by requesting a copy of them.

  • Find out how long the contractor will be in business.

It doesn’t take long to find horrifying accounts of clients who were dissatisfied with a contractor’s work and ultimately sued the contractor to recover payment for an incomplete or subpar project.

Regrettably, it’s rather easy for a tiny company to close its doors anytime legal action seems to be coming soon, only to resurface under a new name a few months later. The risk that this will occur to you drops significantly when you employ a contractor that has been in business for several years or even decades.

  • Top 5 Best Home Renovation Contractors 

The contractor in charge of the project often determines whether a home renovation succeeds or fails. The home improvement professional you hire will be in charge of assembling the craftspeople required to turn your vision into a reality, so they need to be knowledgeable and reliable.

Since one size does not fit all in business, a list of the best home remodeling companies has been compiled. Each of the highlighted businesses must meet the three criteria outlined below: Its subcontractors are qualified experts with the required licenses and insurance.

  1. Mr. Handyman
  2. Contractors, Inc
  3. Brill Flooring 
  4. Power Home Remodeling
  5. Belfor Property Restoration

Mr. Handyman

Mr. Handyman can offer services in many American cities thanks to its 190 franchise locations (as well as some regions of Canada). One benefit of dealing with a local office is the much more direct path to customer care, which was very important in this firm receiving the top overall grade.

Indoor and outdoor services in the categories of woodworking, electrical, repainting, building, drainage, and maintenance are provided for residential properties. To schedule a consultation, give the Mr. Handyman location closest to you a call using the website’s map function, or submit an online form with information about your problem.

Contractors, Inc

Multi-Family Contractors, Inc. is a seasoned business that specializes in remodeling multi-family homes. The business offers indoor and outdoor services such as masonry, roofing, drywall, and carpeting. A committed project manager serves as a focal point of accountability to keep you updated as your renovation progresses.

Despite its small size, the majority of its offices are located in the South and the Midwest because emergency response is a crucial aspect of its business, something that any management organization should have kept in mind. In addition to providing mold control, water, fire, and damage restoration, Contractors, Inc. also offers a 24/7 response team for situations requiring immediate attention.

Brill Flooring 

As you draft the architectural plans for your house, Brill Flooring will guide, inspire, and instruct you. They have excellent flooring available. Whether you choose traditional or modern flooring for your home,

They offer a selection of excellent flooring options that are cheaply priced, enabling you to create a floor that will last for many years and appeal to you and your family. To see how various floor designs seem in your home without having to visit their store, use their website, which functions as an online room visualizer.

Most of their business comes from customers who advocate for and refer our services to others. Therefore, start by requesting a free in-home test.

Power Home Remodeling

Since Power Home Remodel Restoration focuses on replacing siding, roofing, windows, and doors, they are the best choice for exterior renovations. Even though the business only operates in a few major American cities, such as Chicago, Houston, and Boston, its existing franchise sites serve over ten important ones. Potential customers can receive a free, one-year in-home estimate by contacting us.

Solar panels and insulated vinyl siding are just two examples of the energy-efficient materials Power Home Remodeling uses, which can give your home a facelift. Therefore, if you’re looking to cut your utility costs, this company is a wise alternative.

Belfor Property Restoration

In the category of catastrophe response, Belfor Property Restoration, which works on both residential and commercial properties, barely defeats Contractors, Inc. Its coverage area is also substantially larger. Belfor, unlike the other contractors on this list, does not offer services for house renovations. Instead, correction and rehabilitation are its main concerns.

Belfor, unlike other franchise businesses, retains ownership of its facilities in order to uphold a high level of quality and consistency across the board. Even if Belfor personnel who are qualified in their fields perform some of the work, major crafts like carpentry, electrical, and sewage are typically carried out by intermediaries.


To create our suggestions, we examined more than 35 home remodeling companies with multi-state coverage. We limited the list to businesses with at least 15 locations nationwide to make it more manageable. During the research phase, the following elements were assessed:

  • Offers Of Guarantees
  • Promised Services
  • Licenses For Professionals
  • Regions Protected
  • Company Certifications
  • Initiatives To Be Sustainable

We’ve selected the top five out of 35 home contractors after considering these factors, but if you’d like further in-depth consideration, we can choose two of the top five. Brill Flooring and Mr. Handyman.

You may easily receive services from one of Mr. Handyman’s approximately 200 franchise locations. They have qualified workers and solid licenses and certifications. As a result, they are easily trusted by others, as they ought to be given their skillful work.

The best part about Brill Flooring was that you could explore various floor designs in your home using their website’s room visualizer without having to go to their store. The vast majority of their revenue comes from repeat and referral customers.



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