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Nursing in the Year 1950 VS Nursing Today

When the nursing profession began, nursing was not allowed to do so much with medical training. In the beginning, there was no present certain degree for nursing. Women learned some medical skills from the ladies of this profession or their mothers. This profession of nursing wants not respected by the people. They are just considered caretakers. They have a role the same as they have at their home. charli d amelio feet

Today, the profession of nursing is changed totally. The nurses are getting professional training or becoming the best nurses performing many duties. Now there are present best training programs or diversified staff. Time has changed all career paths; the nursing field is changed to provide better medical care. The nursing industry now has more responsibilities, better hospitals, better patient care, and saved more lives.

However, there is a huge difference between the 1950 nursing profession vs today. There are many nursing essays present that will help you to know more about this profession. So can check the nursing essay help for this purpose. Moreover, in this article, we will discuss some nursing aspects that changed now from 1950.

Training of Nurses

Nursing training was very initial at the start of this profession. Nursing does not get the organized or necessary training essential for this profession. At that time, most sick people were treated by their families or mothers; they didn’t prefer an outside caretaker. After that, nurses should have the training to deal with different situations. In the United States, some instruction or lecture manuals are provided to nurses to learn about the care of women during childbirth. After the Civil War, more women joined this profession or got some extra training that they had not gotten before.

Today, the training programs are changed totally for this profession. The qualification for this profession is specific now. There is a lot of variety in the nursing programs, certifications, degrees, and specialists for various kinds of nursing. These programs require all students of this profession to pass various certifications to provide the best health care responsibilities to patients. For nursing students, getting study of this profession is not such as easy. They should take nursing essays help for better results. In the 20th century, nurses started to get basic health care skills like how to dress or address their patients or treat them.

Health Care Setting for Nursing

In the nursing industry, the setting of nursing for health care is limited to just home for most women. When health care is required anytime, it is practised within homes. The patients are more present at home as compared in hospitals. In the hospitals, only those patients admitted are very injured, near to death, or extremely ill. It was not included in the initial nursing programs when the nurses worked in the hospitals as workers.

Now nurses are for medical health care home services, offices, physicians, hospitals, or other facilities. Now the nurses are considered to be medical professionals that are hired in correctional facilities, schools, or in the military. Now the need for nurses has come worldwide. In all countries, nurses are playing their best roles in health care. Many women also build their careers after choosing this profession.

Responsibilities of Nurses

From the start of this profession, the responsibilities of nurses are a lot, just like the list of household things. A few changes are coming in the nursing field. It includes more training programs, the need for medical professionals and the view about women also changing. When the training of nurses becomes important and broad, or the need for proper schooling begins, the education system starts with more nurses’ tasks to teach the students. Before, women were just called caretakers; now, they are getting more respect in the workplace, obtaining better nursing degrees, or having more responsibilities in this field.

The medical world is growing and changing always. That is increasing the demand for nurses and medical professionals. The number of patients also increases in the hospitals. So nurses should learn how to deal with emergencies or handle critical situations. The nurses are not only the doctors’ assistants but are performing much more now.

Nursing Culture

At the start of the 20th century, the nursing culture started to know the name of women. They were just presentable that treating patients like an obedient wife. After World War 2, there was much need for nurses. But most nurses start avoiding this profession. Because the people didn’t see them as professionals, they did more work but got less salary.

Today the nursing culture is changed totally. Now nursing is seen as respected professionals, and their salaries or increased. So most women are starting now to join this profession. But somewhere, the culture of nursing is not changed. They are working very long hours, having minimum time for their personal life, standing on their feet most of the time, and not getting time for proper sleeping. That’s why they got many diseases like back pain, depression or high-stress level.

Patients Care

In the medical field, the important factor is the patient’s care for nurses or medical professionals. Technology has become more advanced, creating an environment in the medical field that makes patient care more helpful and efficient. Technology helped save more lives; jobs became easier for nurses and better patient experience.

In the past, medical professionals did not care too much about their patients. They didn’t seem concerned about their dignity or using painful procedures for treatment. But now, with technology, the treatment methods have become very easy or painless. Now the number one priority of doctors and nurses is patient care. Recently, patient care is flourished a lot with nurses.

The nursing profession is a growing field that is continuously growing. The comparison of the nursing profession in the past indicates that many differences or changes came in this profession. With new advancements, this field has become easy for nurses, or they get more respect now. The changing in all aspects mentioned above saved the lives of many people. Now the nursing field has become the most respected field.



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