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What are the different types of coaching?

In an era where everyone is more inclined to open up to personal development, coaching, all types included, is popular as never before. The profession has grown more and more. And when work on oneself is necessary, more and more people choose to turn to a coach. Still, to get the expected results, it is better to know what type of coaching to choose. To do this, you just need to clearly define your expectations and objectives beforehand.

Different types of coaching to transform yourself or your environment

Overall, the primary aim of coaching is to transform or advance a team, an organization or an individual. This approach thus acts both on the initiation of a project, for a relational dynamic within an organization, between parent/child, etc. But coaching also deals with the inner state of an individual, his posture, his personal success, his well-being etc. From these aspects of coaching, there are 3 main types. Individual coaching, team coaching and organizational or business coaching. divine lifestyletravel food lifestyle mom blogger

Types of coaching: individual coaching

Much in demand among the different types of coaching, individual coaching generally provides a solution to problems relating to

  • To the personal well-being and development of the individual,
  • Take charge of your life (play sports, have a healthier life, get rid of a bad habit). It could be the dynamics of his team or his family,
  • A family, professional or personal relational concern.

However, this type of coaching is also involved in the preparation of specific deadlines. Among other things, a competition, an exam , a romantic encounter. It is the accompaniment which is intended for personal fulfillment (a project, a professional retraining, the management of emotions following a divorce for example, or bereavement. But also a major change such as an illness, taking a new position.

Each type of individual coaching has its own duration

In individual coaching, it is possible to have one-off, short or long-term support. One -off sessions , which last only a few hours, all at once, are suitable for unblocking a situation or setting up a resolution plan. This type of intervention therefore aims to unblock a situation requiring a precise and immediate solution. For example, the acceptance of a proposal, or high-stakes issues such as volunteering, etc.

The short format, at a rate of approximately 2 to 6 sessions, adapts to a major operational challenge such as the taking up of a manager’s position facing a newly formed team. And to dig deeper, with the aim of exploring all the resources, which can sometimes be well buried, a coaching that lasts about ten sessions and beyond, offers more detailed results through a more refined vision and actions . advancement better thoughts.

  • Individual coaching sub-categories
  • Individual coaching is divided into 3 sub-categories:
  • life coaching

The most popular of all types of coaching, life coaching consists of unblocking limiting behaviors and overcoming fears. The life coach plays the role of a catalyst, guiding the coachee step by step until he manages to initiate the change he wants. In short, until the complete achievement of its objective.

Professional coaching

This type of coaching meets expectations based on the client’s professional activity. It is therefore mainly people wishing to create their own business , double their turnover, or increase their entrepreneurial skills who call on the professional coach.

Well-being coaching

Provided by a coach specializing in well-being, also called a physical trainer, well-being coaching aims to balance the body and mind of the coachee. It helps the latter to circumvent self-destructive behaviors such as smoking or alcoholism. But also to remove unhealthy lifestyle habits.

Types of coaching: team coaching

Also known as execution coaching, team management training differs from other types of coaching in that it is aimed particularly at corporate managers. This type of coaching aims to complete the training, often lacking, of executives, who are very busy with their work. Quite distinct from advice and training, this service provided by an executive coach offers the team the opportunity to challenge themselves on their operating methods.

At the end of this intervention, these leaders will be able to make the most of their team, and teamwork at the same time. Wanting to be a solution for tangible results, team coaching is measurable on the collective maturity of the group, as well as its collective performance.

Types of coaching: organizational coaching

Organization coaching finds its interest in the restructuring of the company, a redeployment, or the merger of several groups. It is thus aimed at large groups that have to undertake a change in their corporate culture, or their organization, structure, process, etc. Many aspects need to be considered to initiate change and this requires an overall neutral vision, accompanied by support on several levels. Of all the types of coaching, it is organizational coaching that will be the most suitable for redefining the company.



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