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How to Draw a Pretzel

Learn how to draw a super pretzel with cool drawings instructions and step by step and a tutorial. Now you can easily create a magnificent pretzel design. See this easy pretzel drawing guide if you are hungry to shoot yourself. This emblematic mass in the form of us is an obligation for fairs, restoration of land for shopping malls and football matches, and other sporting events. Why do pretzels have such a unique form? History of origin dates from the 600s in Italy. 

He tells a monk that cooks the dough that was folded like crossed arms in prayer. He called them Pretiolas – whose word “pretzel” can be derived. The term meant “few awards,” and he gave them to good children. In the 1100s, pretzel illustrations appeared on the crest of a Baker guild and books. They were considered “a sign of good luck and spiritual integrity” and were often appreciated during the holidays such as Christmas and New Year. 

Some spiritual directors used the three teams to define the principles of the Trinity. Another interesting tradition was born in Switzerland. Pretzel was considered a “wedding knot,” A couple drew on both sides, a little like a triangle. A bigger sock would have brought prosperity to marriage. Whatever the reason for enjoying this historical snack, you can use this pretzel drawing tutorial from Cartoons. You will only need a pen, pencil, marker or pencil and a sheet of paper.

Drawing a Pretzel

Step 1:

Start by drawing a large narrow line in the form of a “U.” This forms one end of the cheerful pretzel folder.

Step 2:

Draw a long, curved line and fold -a to form the other end of the dough. He must lock the lines of the first end.

Step 3:

Draw a wide “U” format line of the first end of the mass in the second section, around the open end of the second section of the process. It describes the inner edge of the pretzel bow or shoulder.

Step 4:

Draw a curved line between the ends of the pretzel, describing the inside of the bottom of the pretzel.

Step 5:

Draw a large line “U,” connected from one side to the end of the pretzel. It describes the rest of the rest, “the shoulder” of the pretzel.

Step 6:

Draw a long curved line, starting at one end of the pretzel, crossing the incomplete line of the shoulder, and wrapping the bottom of the pretzel, operating almost parallel to its shape. It describes the outer edge of the pretzel.

Step 7:

Continue the long line curved around the pretzel until you find the top of the dough. It completes the pretzel contour.

Step 8:

Texture Le pretzel with a long line wavy along the bottom. Then draw small forms of tears on the surface of the pretzel. They can be salt crystals, sesame seeds, or brightness, depending on your favorite flavor!

Step 9:

Draw smaller tears on the pretzel.

Step 10:

Color your cartoon, Breton. The special way pretzels are prepared them a rich dark brown color. However, they can be soaked in sauces such as mustard or cheese or covered with sweet topping!



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