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We know that every major step you take in life the night before can be sleepless and full of nervousness. The same goes with the night before you relocate to a new place. Relocating to a new place is in itself a major challenge. Executing it with confidence and endurance is important.

We understand that you have invested a lot of time to make the big moving day successful. Therefore, to ensure that nothing goes wrong, we have prepared a Last minute checklist for you. Following this simple to-do guide a night before your move can give you the upper hand in what is to come.

Talk to Your Moving Partner


It is necessary to keep everything assured and stay transparent with your mobility partner. After all, they are the ones who will move your goods and load and unload them. Ensure you check in with the moving company and coordinate a day before to confirm the fine points.

You surely might have kept every estimation and receipt in place, but it has peace of mind and clear communication between both the parties; it is important to contact them and stay sorted. Call them to confirm the timings of the move and be clear about what you expect from them.

Finish any packing you’ve kept for yourself.

Sometimes, even after we are sure that everything is done, there is something that is still left out. Therefore, it’s necessary to keep checking till you are confirmed. If any of your goods are still left for packing, you intend to pack yourself, finish the task and have a stress-free sleep. Make sure you’ve packed everything you planned to do by yourself.

Disassemble your largest furniture items

Be prepared for the approaching day. By disassembling the large furniture items a night before your move, you might ease the process and make timely packing and moving easier. You will be mentally prepared to execute everything in time and with efficacy.

Keep some refreshments alongside.

Moving is an uphill task. And while it is happening, you need to stay hydrated and energetic. Even if the Packers & Movers are performing their job efficiently, you might be expected to supervise and give instructions at times. To meet that demand, staying refreshed and not hungry is necessary. Keeping some munchies alongside will help you stay upright and active. You can also serve some to the packers & movers at work.

Ensure you have Parking Space dedicated to the moving truck/vehicle.


By keeping someplace reserved and vacant for the parking of the trucks, you can save the hassle of clearing it all out at the end moment. You can control it all sorted and arranged the night before. Also, if that space is just before your place, the moving process can get a little sorted for the team. They can easily pack, load and drive your goods to your new home. It will make the procedure efficiently executed and also save time.

Make sure your car is ready.

To be at the forefront as the packing and moving take place, you will be there to access if everything is properly taking place. But just as the trucks and other vehicles will be used to move your goods, your and your family’s to-and-fro, once the packing is done, is also a matter of concern. Make sure you keep your vehicle fuelled and ready to reach your new destination as soon as it is prepared to welcome your belongings.

Stay calm and stress-free. That will help. 

Just as the night before the relocation day might give you anxiety, it is important to be tension-free. Realise that you’re about to unlock a new chapter of your life. And, rather than sleepless nights, it must be one of the satisfying feelings to shift to a unique atmosphere you planned for yourself.

It is essential to take proper sleep and a sufficient diet. After all, you must be ready to be in your new house. Hence, do not be stressed; feel confident and positive that everything will be alright and flawless. Trust your reliable Mobility Partner who focuses on bringing peace to your mind.



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