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Different types of commercial vehicles in India

Many vehicles can be classified as commercial vehicles when they are intended for business use. Below is a list of the most popular commercial vehicle categories.

Commercial vehicles


Semi-trucks are made up of a tractor unit connected to a bed or trailer through a fifth-wheel connection. Reefers, dry vans, flatbeds, and double or triple trailers are examples of semi-trucks. Cargo is transported between distribution and fulfilment hubs using semi-trucks.

Box trucks

Although box trucks and straight trucks resemble semi-trucks, they lack a fifth-wheel hookup since their tractor is directly connected to the trailer. Box trucks, as opposed to vans, have a cargo space that is independent of the cab. They are frequently used by businesses for local delivery, moving, and transporting bulky things like appliances and furniture.

Pickup trucks

Normal pickup trucks aren’t often regarded as business vehicles. However, depending on the firm, they are occasionally utilised for commercial activities, sometimes even necessitating a commercial driver’s licence (CDL). Pickup trucks can deliver equipment and tools for a business in addition to commodities with a trailer.



Transit buses are made to carry huge numbers of passengers, both paying and unpaid. They are frequently utilised for school bus networks or as a part of a city’s transportation system. Buses are nearly generally regarded as commercial vehicles because of their size and ability to transport passengers, necessitating particular authorization.

Motor coaches

A motorcoach seems to be a more opulent bus built for long-distance travel. Contemporary motor coaches are high-floor vehicles with luggage compartments underneath. These passenger vehicles are more luxuriously equipped than normal buses, with air conditioning, reclining seats, and onboard restrooms. Coaches are used for travel and can be chartered for special events.


The mini bus also referred to as a shuttle may carry more passengers than passenger vans but fewer than normal buses. Minibuses are utilised for both on-demand transportation and fixed-route transit since they are smaller and more adaptable.

Commercial van

Cargo vans

Sprinter-style cargo vans are single-piece automobiles with a cargo space attached to the driver’s cab. Like box trucks, some massive cargo vans have roll-up back doors. Typical uses for cargo vans include courier and delivery services, plumbing, electrical work, and cable repair.

Passenger vans

Nine to fifteen passengers can be accommodated in full-sized commercial passenger vehicles. They are utilised to move large groups of people as either an integral aspect of a service (such as taking visitors to a parking lot) or the service itself (tour or travel operations).

Step vans

These trucks are also referred to as walk-in delivery or multi-stop trucks, although their common names are bakery trucks or bread trucks. It is simpler to access products and stand up in these vehicles because they are taller than full-sized vans. Delivery vehicles are used by food trucks, parcel delivery services, and police and fire departments.


Heavy equipment

Some forms of heavy machinery used in agriculture, mining, building, and other related industries are regarded as commercial vehicles.

Special automobiles

These automobiles have particular features or configurations. For instance, street sweepers, fire engines, septic trucks, and garbage collection are needed by municipalities and government organisations. Commercial vehicles include passenger trolleys, tow trucks, and mobile services resembling RVs (bookmobiles, health services).

Commercial vehicles

Commercial vehicles include delivery vans, taxis, and rental cars. While Uber and Lyft vehicles are still regarded as personal use vehicles, many people think they ought to be given commercial licence plates.



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