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What Is a Packed Bed Scrubber?

A hollow tube, pipe, or another vessel that has been fill with packing material is refer to as a packed bed. It can be made with a structure packing system or with a packing full of small things like Raschig rings. Packed bed scrubber may include adsorbents or catalyst particles like zeolite pellets, granular activate carbon, and similar materials.

In a chemical or comparable process, packed bed scrubber was develope to enhance contact between two phases. They can be use in a scrubber, a chemical reactor, or a distillation process. Beds have also been use to store heat in chemical plants.

Industrial scrubbers:

Scrubbers are tools use in the industrial sector to get rid of contaminants in industrial exhaust streams. These pollutants include gases and particles that are bad for the environment and people’s health. Before being release into the environment, the exhaust stream travels through the scrubber, where it is cleanse of dangerous pollutants.

Since the scrubber catches and holds the pollutants, the exhaust stream that comes out of the scrubber is “clean” of them. Packed bed scrubber is use by a range of businesses to improve their operations’ hygiene standards and environmental consciousness.

The purpose of the packed bed scrubbers is to eliminate vaporous or gaseous pollutants from an air stream. The procedure is carry out by introducing a cleaning liquid that either chemically reacts or absorbs the contaminants into the contaminated air stream.

Before the air that has been purify is allow to be release into the atmosphere, the contaminate scrubbing fluid is either dispose of in the appropriate manner or it is recover and use in the original on other processes.

The packed tower scrubber is a popular wet scrubber use by industrial businesses. A form of wet scrubber known as a packed tower scrubber often refer to as a packed bed scrubber or a pack column scrubber, is create specifically for the chemical removal of gaseous contaminants from airstreams.

These scrubbers, when construct correctly, have the potential to successfully catch and neutralize streams of harmful and hazardous gas while simultaneously releasing clean air into the atmosphere.


According to AWMA (1992), packed bed scrubber has the following benefits:

  • Relatively low-pressure drop.
  • Fiberglass reinforce plastic (FRP) design allows operation in highly corrosive environments.
  • Able to achieve reasonably high mass-transfer efficiencies; 4. Allows for the modification of packing height and/or type without the need for new machinery.
  • Relatively low initial investment.
  • Relatively modest area requirements; and
  • The capacity to gather both gases and particulate matter.

packed bed scrubber

Two varieties of packed bed scrubbers exist:

  • Bed scrubbers with vertical packing

Gas moves upward in the vertical counter-current arrangement while cleaning liquid moves downward through banks of sprays. The scrubber’s spray distribution system is responsible for adding the scrubbing liquid to the liquid while the random packing section of the scrubber is responsible for absorbing the gases. Entrained liquids are eliminate using a high-efficiency mist eliminator. At the vessel’s top, there is clean gas.

  • Stack horizontally in bed scrubbers

Gas moves horizontally in the horizontal design, while liquid use for scrubbing moves downward through a liquid distribution system. The scrubber has a part with random packing where gases are absorb. Entrained liquids are eliminated using a high-efficiency mist eliminator. At the bottom of the packing section, an internal sump eliminates the requirement for an external tank.

To eliminate the capture pollutant from the solution prior to gas absorption, the water or other solvent must be treat. The wastewater that is produce by the column may be recycle and use in the system more than once. It is common for this to occur when the solvent is pricey (e.g., hydrocarbon oils, caustic solutions, amphiphilic block copolymer). The recycle stream may first pass through a treatment system to get the contaminants or reaction product out of it.


Scrubbers have been use in factories, power plants, and other industrial facilities for a long time, and they have proven to be a reliable way for cleaning exhaust streams. Modern scrubbers are even more effective at cleaning exhaust streams than older models. You can prevent dangerous pollutants from entering the atmosphere by using a packed bed scrubber with the appropriate capabilities.



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