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Why Should Older Adults Get an Eye Exam in Brampton?

Most older adults know the importance of eye check-ups for them. They know regular eye exams will ensure the health of their eyes. Besides, optometrists recommend older adults get an eye exam in Brampton at least once a year. Undergoing an eye exam also helps eye doctors identify small health problems that can turn worst over time. 

Further, optometrists can come up with the best treatments once they identify eye problems in seniors at an early stage. Besides, you should also pay a visit to an optometrist if you are a senior. Please do not forget that health risks to the eyes increase once you age. By the same token, older adults should give their vision health a priority. 

Importance of Regular Eye Exams for Seniors

You may be surprised to hear that almost 11 million Americans over the age of 12 encounter vision problems. In addition, vision issues that those Americans run into require some kind of correction. Further, it is clear from the statistic we shared earlier why eye exams are important. Even if you do not wear corrective lenses, you should get an eye exam yearly. Moreover, adults over the age of 65 or seniors must get an eye exam regularly, including dilating their eyes. It is also what the American Academy of Ophthalmology recommends for seniors or older adults.

Additionally, regularly getting an eye exam allows eye doctors to better look at the eyes of older adults. Optometrists can comprehensively look at the retina and optic nerve of seniors if they get eye exams. Further, it will also allow them to identify any potential eye problems and intervene early. 

Moreover, getting an eye exam in Brampton for seniors is important to effectively deal with eye problems they may suffer from. Annual eye exams can help optometrists detect common eye conditions in adults. Eye doctors can detect the following common eye conditions if seniors undergo eye exams regularly:


It is the eye problem that creates clouding in the lens of the eye. Further, it is possible for eye doctors to treat this condition via surgery. 

Diabetic Retinopathy: 

Diabetic retinopathy is a condition related to diabetes. Further, it can damage blood vessels in the back of the eye of people who suffer from this eye condition. Furthermore, diabetic retinopathy is also the foremost cause of blindness in seniors or adults.

Macular Degeneration: 

It is another age-related vision issue that older adults can suffer from. Moreover, macular degeneration can affect the retina. Further, if it does, it can lead the person with macular degeneration to finally get blind. 

Retinal Tearing: 

Seniors or older adults are at higher risk of retinal tearing. Retinal tearing can cause small lacerations in the inner lining of the eye of seniors. Moreover, it can lead to perilous retinal detachment or other conditions that can affect vision. For instance, it can lead people to suffer vision issues like black spots or floaters. 


Glaucoma is a term that describes a group of diseases, which may impact the optic nerve in the eye. Additionally, people with glaucoma can suffer from severe vision loss. Nonetheless, early intervention of this disease often aids people avert blindness.

In addition to the above eye problems, optometrists can also detect other health problems in older adults during their visit. For instance, they can identify health problems, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and conditions with a link to autoimmune diseases.

Will You Need to Pay for Eye Exams?

Usually, optometrists won’t pay for regular eye exams for corrective lenses, and the same holds for lenses. Nonetheless, you can check with the eye doctors to get clarification on the fees. Besides, non-profit organizations may have programs or funding available to cover eye exam expenses for seniors. Besides, OHIP (Ontario Health Insurance Plan) covers the price of one major eye exam for vision and general eye health every 12 months for 65 years old and older adults. It also covers the cost of the minor assessment.

Nevertheless, it is important that you know beforehand whether you need to pay for an eye exam or not. You can contact an optometrist to make it clear to you about the fees if you are a senior. Besides, Mac & Co Eye-Care is a reputable optometrist in Brampton that you can count on for eye exams.  


Regularly getting an eye exam ensures the health of your eyes. It also allows optometrists to identify eye problems at an early stage in patients to intervene. Older adults or seniors over the age of 65 should regularly get an eye exam in Brampton. If they do, eye doctors can comprehensively examine their eyes for eye problems, including cataracts, diabetic retinopathy, macular degeneration, retinal tearing, and glaucoma. Moreover, an optometrist can best treat eye problems if they detect their signs earlier. Lastly, seniors should know that OHIP covers the price of one major eye exam for general and vision health every 12 months for older adults.   



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