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New Balance 990 vs. 993

If you have heard the benefits of jogging, you may already know it maintains your body and strength. Workout also becomes lighter and more relaxing with appropriate jogging shoes. Further, incorrect running shoes can terrify runners and may cause them to quit running forever. New Balance is a brand that arguably offers some of the best running shoes, such as the New Balance 990 and 993. In this post, we are going to compare these two jogging shoes. It may also help you decide which of the two New Balance joggers you should invest in.

Further, we shall like you to know what makes shoes excellent for running prior to our comparison of the New Balance 993 and 990. 

What Makes Running Shoes So Special?

When it comes to buying the best running shoes, you should consider three aspects, including weight, slope, and characteristics. It is what the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) suggests for selecting running shoes. Moreover, choosing the right pair of running also ensures the protection of the health of athletes. Here is how you may choose running shoes:

Buy Lightweight Shoes: 

Lightweight footwear can provide runners with optimal relaxation and productivity. Further, ACSM suggests runners should invest in running shoes that do not weigh more than 8 to 10 ounces.

Invest in Shoes That Are Inclined Right: 

The best pair of running shoes is a little inclined on the heel and toe. Moreover, high-heeled shoes are imperfect for running.

Buy Running Shoes without Overlooking Optional Considerations: 

Consider the following things to buy optimal shoes for running:

  • Avoid buying shoes with needless refinements.
  • Choose shoes with much padding and cushioned heel.
  • Consider buying shoes with lights and zippers. 
  • Also, remember quality footwear compliments the foot. 

Comparison of New Balance 990 and 993

Arguably, New Balance produces the finest and most prestigious running shoes at bit higher price range. Besides, the high price that runners need to pay for New Balance running shoes is because the brand produces more specialized shoes. Moreover, New Balance initially launched 990, and the 990 line of the brand has evolved over the years. For the same reason, you can find six versions of running shoes to date in the 990 line. 

Additionally, New Balance started 993 a decade ago, which it makes with the best materials. Besides, you can also buy New Balance running shoes from the following seller: Groovy Shoes. Now, let us compare the two running shoes from New Balance, 990 and 993:

Difference between the Materials: 

New Balance uses 50% artificial pigskin or PU (Polyurethane), synthetic leather and 50% mesh to produce 990. Further, it is the flexibility of the New Balance 990 that makes it easier for users to maintain. However, the material of 990 shoes is not water-resistant.  

Contrarily, New Balance deploys quality suede and mesh to produce 993. Running shoes made from suede are superior in appearance. However, it requires a lot of effort for runners to maintain these shoes. Hence, you cannot identify a clear winner between 993 and 990, as both shoe materials have their pros and cons. 

Dissimilarity in Colours: 

You can find running sneakers, the 993 from New Balance, in unique colours. Moreover, some of the 993 shoes have a burst of red. Nevertheless, most of the 993 shoes you will find are white, grey, and white. 

Contrarily, you will find 990 in limited colours in 6 variants without a splash of colour. Thus, 993 is a clear winner for runners who seek running shoes in a wide palette of colours.

The Difference in Technology: 

Both 990 and 993 from New Balance feature different midsole technologies. 990 model enjoys the licensed ENCAP midsole innovation. Contrarily, 993 features ABZORB midsole technology with more padding. For the same reason, feet do not suffer much pressure when runners use 993 for sprinting or leaping. However, you cannot still predict the better of the two running shoes when it comes to their technologies.  

The Difference in the Outsole: 

Both 990 and 993 models from New Balance are sturdy sneakers with their outsoles made of different materials. 990 deploys blown rubber, and the 993 features an Ndurance rubber heel. The 990 has a rubber that top runners prefer though it is not long-lasting as carbon rubber. Conversely, the 993 rubber is extremely robust, with the capability to endure friction and pressure.

Additionally, it is affordability that also plays a role in determining the value of shoes. Besides, both 990 and 993 shares the same price tag.  


Joggers understand the importance of jogging to maintain their body in shape and strength. At the same time, they need to invest in the right shoes for jogging. According to the American College of Sports Medicine, people should invest in running shoes while keeping things such as weight, slope, and some optimal features in mind. Besides, New Balance 990 and 993 are arguably the finest running shoes you can buy today with the following differences:

  1. Difference in Materials
  2. Dissimilarity in Colours
  3. Difference in Technology
  4. The Difference in the Outsole

Lastly, both the 990 and 993 from New Balance share the same price as sought-after running shoes.



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