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How to Get Freelance Videography Projects for Sure

Being a videographer in these rough days is challenging. It is a competitive world, the world of videography. And now you are a part of it. Not just any part, though, but a fighting part.

However, this is precisely where you would like to keep Ray Croc’s words.

Haven’t you heard the name? Well, you can learn more about him on the Internet and in the 2016 film called “The Founder’. Ray Croc is the official founder of McDonald’s Restaurants in many areas of the US. Although the concept and the business originated from the McDonald’s brothers, Ray made it a culture and has now been internationalized.

Either in the trailer of that film or in the film itself, you will find Ray Croc giving a speech by himself where he stressed the word ‘persistence’ as it is all you need to be successful.

Yes. Persistence is key to becoming a freelance videographer too.

Let’s Learn How to Fish Projects as a Videographers

To tell you frankly, it is easy.

All you have to do is to look at your surroundings and ask yourself what you might want to do with your freelancing career.

The first phase of this process starts with knowing yourself. 

Your business has a standard. It has a limit. It has many special traits. Combine them into one package, and you will learn where you can use this service of yours most effectively.

To find freelance projects, it is essential to sit back and learn of the standards your clients want. Then compare them side by side with the standards of your business to know if your capacity matches their requirements.

Frankly speaking, this is just the simplest way to evaluate your work and the fruitful connection your business can have.

This step will make you more confident in carrying out your work. As a result, you can also maintain transparency and quality in charging your client. 

With these things being said, I don’t see any reason to delay portraying the information on how you can get more freelance projects.

Read these points below: 

  • What’s Your Specialisation?
  • Make a Portfolio (Professionally)
  • Make Sure Your Gear Is Ready
  • Create a Website to Build Your Brand 

Let’s read them and learn more about these points.

What’s Your Specialisation?

You can specialize in wedding videography. Or you can be an excellent filmmaker for documentaries.

You may be great at capturing a live event like a music conference or the Wireless Festival in the UK. 

Again, you can gain prominence as a videographer producing cinematic business or real estate videos.

Learn what genre suits you the best. Where you can be unique is where you can earn more. Tell this to your client or employer, and you can maintain transparency and stability in communication. 

Make a Portfolio (Professionally)

A portfolio is the videographer’s ID card that serves as a resume/ CV.

The good thing about a portfolio is that you can unlock your potential and show it to the people looking for some ‘meat’ in production.

You know what I mean.

Follow these guidelines to make a portfolio that matters:

  • Use more than one video of different genres or styles in a portfolio.
  • Try showcasing your authentic style in the videos.
  • Pick your best videos to make your portfolio.
  • Always keep in mind that cinematic videos work well. 
  • Pay attention to the editing and color grading of the videos before including them in the portfolio.
  • You may add a short documentary with clips from ‘behind the scenes in the portfolio to show your clients a sneak peek of your work. Be brief, though!

Hopefully, you can make a good impression on your clients using these tactics. 

Above all, you know yourself the best! So, do what’s best for your portfolio. 

Make Sure Your Gear Is Ready

A videographer should always be ready with the gear needed.

To tell you the truth, I am not going to discuss the gear part here. It is because you can tell better than me about the gear you will need. 

You can get gear accordingly based on the kind of work and the requirement you have.

Be it the camera, lens, sliders, or gimbal. Your gear must be relevant for the kind of work they do.

Also, check if the gear is in workable condition. If needed, make those repairs. 

If you don’t have gear yet, then you can go ahead buying them or renting them. Use a loan with no upfront fees and no guarantor for funding because it can stop draining your savings account at the present moment.  

Create a Website to Build Your Brand 

You are a videographer. 

I can give you an idea that most videographers have already sorted out. 

And that is making a website that actually sells your services.

As a videographer, you can use one of your videos or a few ones on your landing page. It also will showcase the quality of work in a better way. 

We can say that making a website is expensive. Nevertheless, there are free website builders available with WordPress. You can make a website without coding prowess or needing a real coder to back you up.

Of course, you will need to buy a domain. However, making a website is not going to be a hassle at first.

You can also take some time off to build your website later and work on marketing your brand through social media. 

To Conclude: Market Yourself Well

A little investment with a bunch of bright ideas – that’s what is needed for marketing yourself. 

To market your brand like no other, you need to be clear in your statement. Pick some marketing tools to analyze metrics (and you can do all of this for free), and, in return, you can go for marketing your brand in the most effective ways. 

Then, success as a videographer will chase you. You may mark my words



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