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Top 8 Multistreaming Platforms for 2023

One such broadcasting technique is multistreaming, sometimes known as multi-destination streaming. You can simultaneously watch on a variety of live streaming and video hosting services all over the world. That implies a wider audience and, ideally, higher viewership for your video material. There are many advantages to broadcasting from a unique website or app that embodies the branding and of your company. It offers broadcasters greater flexibility and control over their streaming experience.
However, if your objective is to reach a bigger audience with your online video content, simultaneously broadcasting to different sites like LinkedIn, Twitch, or Mixcloud can help you widen your audience. Streaming across multiple platforms is necessary to increase your audience. You may simultaneously stream to your website and other social media sites thanks to this. The best live streaming platforms are there that can assist you in broadcasting your event on numerous platforms without any physical limitations.

Best multistreaming platforms

#1 Flutin
The greatest live-streaming website is Flutin, which has a variety of helpful streaming features designed to enhance the live-streaming experience. Because of its user-friendliness, revenue options, and a variety of features that make live streaming entertaining and engaging, it is fast becoming streamers’ preferred streaming platform.
The main selling point of Flutin is that it enables simultaneous multi-platform streaming to sites like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram Live, LinkedIn, Twitter, and more. Through the multi-chat feature, the chats from each of these platforms are also presented in a single location.
Screen sharing
Chat highlighting
Customization option
Web-embedding wight
Monetization option

#2 Dreamcast

DreamCast is a reputable live-streaming service provider for organizations and groups looking to broadcast conferences and seminars. The platform is perfect for businesses and enterprises who wish to stream high-quality content, such as conferences online, new product launches, exhibitions and events, and panels. You may concurrently broadcast information to Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, and other social networking websites with DreamCast.
Additionally, it provides cloud-powered web-based broadcasting. You may advertise your company, send out invitations, show your screen or slides, interact privately with other participants, display comments, and much more with our browser-based live-streaming studio. Dreamcast can also be used for on-demand live streaming.
Live streaming analytics
Add Branded logs and frames
Real-time archiving
Third-party integration
24/7 customer support
Wihte-label streaming

#3 Switchboard Live
A powerful multistreaming platform specifically designed for multi-destination streaming is called Switchboard Live. Users can concurrently broadcast to Facebook, Twitch, Vimeo, YouTube, LinkedIn Live, and Twitter using this platform. To an infinite number of locations, the service supports streaming. Whether it is Facebook live streaming or youtube live streaming, Switchboard Live can be an ideal option for you.

One of Switchboard Live’s distinctive features is StreamShare. With the help of this application, broadcasters can organize live-stream events in advance and invite viewers. This means that your audience will be present and prepared to watch when you begin your multistream.


Video player embedding

Streams to top social destinations

Diverse solutions for various industries and use cases

Streaming to a wide range of destinations


#4 Restream

Another well-liked multistreaming program is Restream, however, it is a little trickier than Streamyard. You may stream to numerous platforms with Restream. It has an integrated chat feature that enables users to converse with one another while watching the stream. Additionally, it offers connectivity with other platforms like Twitter and YouTube, making it simple for viewers to find and follow your streams. Additionally, You can also use this platform for Instagram live streaming, YouTube live streaming, or Facebook live streaming.

Live chat, in-browser streaming, and statistics are all supported by Restream. Restream gives you the option to add your company’s logo, backdrops, and overlays to live to stream. Additionally, you might include significant points you wish to make to your readers, such as a call to action.


Analytic tool


In-browser live streaming

#5 Wirecast

Multistream capability is provided by Telestream’s encoding program, Wirecast. It provides premium live streaming services to broadcast the event across several platforms. Multistreaming is merely the top of the iceberg, though. Numerous features on this multistream platform help to produce a professional broadcasting environment. These comprise audio mixing, stream recording, graphic overlays, and more. Incorporating many sources is easy thanks to Wirecast’s infinite input support.

It can control real-time switching between several live video cameras, add scene transitions, and numerous layers including Quicklime movies, texts, music, audio, and slides to build high-quality broadcast productions for live or on-demand sharing.

Key features


Encoding tools

Compatible with both Mac and Windows

Unlimited inputs

Unlimited outputs

Editing tools

Support via email

#6 SplitCam

A streaming program called SplitCam is primarily used for webcam splitting, though it also allows multistreaming. It enables multistreaming on a number of social media platforms, including Twitch, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube. Live training sessions, webinars, and other virtual streaming events with participation from viewers or exchanges between many presenters are some of the most popular use cases for SplitCam. The streaming experience can be tailored using a variety of community-generated plugins on this platform, which is free to use.



Multiple sources

Compatible with Windows and macOS

Community-developed plugins

Active online community for added support

#7 Livestream

Another choice for multistreaming is Livestream, a premium streaming service from Vimeo. It is important to keep in mind that Livestream’s primary capability is high-quality video streaming; multistreaming is the platform’s secondary feature.

Livestream multi-streams content directly to Facebook Live and Vimeo via its platform. a useful quality, but only to a certain degree. Although it’s great that they are integrated into the video hosting platform, there aren’t as many destinations as there are on other multistream platforms.


Live and on-demand video hosting

Multistreaming is a secondary function

Wihte-label streaming

High-quality videos and streams

#8 StreamYard

You can broadcast in both your original language and multiple different translated versions by utilizing the best live-streaming platform, such as StreamYard. For media companies that require more functionality than just simulcasting on multistreaming platforms, it is a great streaming alternative. With the help of this technology, live events may be streamed to a variety of popular audiences, increasing audience engagement.


Screen sharing

Streaming through your browser

Video editing tools

Multistream support

Multiple speakers at a time



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