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Tips For Enjoying Music With The Family

Music is one of life’s greatest and simplest pleasures and most certainly something that everyone enjoys, regardless of who they are and where they’re from. Music can bring us together. It becomes a strong common ground through which we can relate to even complete strangers from distant parts of the world.  For this very reason, families should listen to and enjoy music together more often.  If families find themselves drifting apart from each other, they can (and should) employ music to create firmer bonds with their loved ones. So get everyone to the living room and try some of these tried-and-true methods to help your own family get started with this wonderful habit: 

Gamify Listening To Music

A great way to make listening to music a fun family activity is to center it around a game. You could start off with the classic ‘Name that Tune’ and then move on to creative games of your very own. For instance, you could make a game out of educating other family members on a particular lesser-known music genre that you are fond of. 

To encourage participation, especially among younger kids, it’s best to establish a leaderboard or an exciting reward system. To make it even more enjoyable, you could invite close friends to join in on the fun. 

Have A Karaoke Night Every Week

Karaoke is one of those activities that seem daunting at first but becomes addictive once you get started. Karaoke is goofy by nature and can help place the entire family in a relaxed, judgment-free mood right from the start.  So, if you’ve got a certain loved one that’s reclusive or introverted, it’s the perfect tool to cure them of their shyness. 

In order to successfully pull off karaoke night, you’ll need to have a proper audio set-up that allows you to stream a wide variety of music effortlessly. Therefore, we recommend that you invest in a pair of intuitive google home enabled speakers that can double as your personal A.I assistant for the evening. 

Learn Instruments Together

Take bonding with music to the next level and actually learn musical instruments together with your family. There are many reasons why this is a great idea. For instance, if you’re a parent you could inspire your kids to explore creative outlets by leading with an example.  There is plenty of research that suggests that learning a musical instrument can help with cognitive development in young children. Also, you would be establishing a common interest among your family- something that will end up becoming a passionate subject for regular discussion. 

In addition, it can build a strong rapport between everyone in your family, when you strive to become better at something together.  

Have A Dance Night

Clear the living room one night a week, put on some romantic music, and dance the night away with your significant other. Dancing is a great way to let off steam while also bonding with your better half in a more intimate way. When you dance, you learn how to work together by paying attention to your partner and reacting quickly to his/her moves. To add to the intimacy, select songs that have a special meaning to both you and your partner- perhaps something that invokes a cherished memory. 

After a while, you’ll come to know which method works best for your family and stick to it. However, you should take care to switch things up once in a while in order to keep your family interested in enjoying music together. 



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