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Find the Beard Shape That Suits Your Face Shape

Because everyone’s face shape is different, every face shape needs a suitable beard shape. For ee, a man with a fat face should not have a sparse beard, and a man with a small face should not have a beard that is too long. It is important to find the beard style that best suits your face shape.

Beard styling can correct the lack of face shape, facial hair can fill in the gaps of lack, and can also draw the eye away from problem areas of the face. Beards are also a great way to cover up blemishes, such as acne scars, facial scars, and more. Although the scars will be small or faded over time, the beard shape can block the scars or take away the sight.

But we have to make sure that the beard and hair styling can make our appearance more excellent, so as to add points to our image. So in order to help you figure out your face shape and find the beard shape that suits you, I have summarized the following knowledge points.

How to Find Out Your Actual Face Shape

Most men have probably heard the concept of matching beard style with face shape, but they may not know how to match their own face. After all, the concept is right, but no one has a perfect triangle or rectangle or circle face.

Here I Will Teach You a Simple Method of Measuring Face Shape:

Get a measuring ruler, pencil, and paper ready to measure the forehead, cheekbones, jawline, and face length in four areas.

  1. Forehead: Measure the distance from one brow peak to the other and record this number.
  2. Cheekbones: Measure the distance from one upper cheek to the other and record this number.
  3. Jaw line: Measure the distance from the tip of the chin to the tip of the ear and record this number.
  4. Face Length: Measure from the center of your hairline to the tip of your chin, and record this number.

Compare These Four Numbers, Focusing on the Largest Number:

  1. Square face: If all measurements are about the same.
  2. Round face: Cheekbones and face length are the same, forehead and jaw line measurements will be similar.
  3. Oval or Rectangular Face: The length of the face is longer than the width of the cheekbones, but oblong faces have more defined curves. The face length is the longest measurement for a rectangular face, with the forehead, cheekbones and jawline being about the same size

Square Face

Men with square chins should grow their beards a bit in front. The beard on the chin can be fuller and the sides can be cut short, which helps to pull down the line of sight and elongate the face shape. Whenever you have a square or rectangular face, you should grow your beard a little longer in front. You can also grow a full beard on your chin and simply clip the sides because this will counterbalance the strong jawline and help to elongate the face shape. You might have the option of growing a large beard and this is great because having a fuller beard will give you a more manly look that might be more attractive to women. When growing a beard, it’s important to trim your neckline. Otherwise, it might look out of place and make you look older. You can also grow sideburns with your beard.

Round Face

The problem with round faces is similar to that of square faces. The key to beard styling is to elongate the face. The best look for them is a beard with a longer chin and shorter sides. An electric shaver gently trims your beard from cheekbones to jawline. Using a detachable blade style beard trimmer, shave your cheeks, neck and upper lip.

Rectangular Face

A man with a rectangular face is longer than his face is wide, and growing a beard to cover his chin can effectively improve his appearance. But growing a long beard on the chin will make the face look longer, which will become a veritable horse face, so the two sides should be fuller and the chin should be trimmed short, so as to balance the face shape with a short and full shape.

The Best Beards for Your Lifestyle

If you’re an easy-going person with a casual work life but want to improve your face shape, you can opt for a longer beard style that only needs to be trimmed once every two weeks.

If you are a business person who needs to face large clients for speeches and meetings every day, then a more refined style will be more suitable for you. Although it needs to be carefully trimmed every morning, you know that it will make you trust in the hearts of the guests. Degree plus points.

If you carefully choose a beard style that enhances the shape of your face, people will have a better impression of you and a higher level of trust. And you can also skip the action of shaving every day, which will save time even more.

Precautions before Beard Shape

There are a few things to keep in mind before shaping your beard. First, make sure your beard is clean and dry. Wet beard hairs can be more difficult to trim and may result in an uneven trim. Second, use a sharp razor or trimmer. A dull blade will tug at your beard and can cause irritation. Third, take your time. Don’t rush the trimming process. Fourth, trim in small increments. You can always trim more lately if you need to, but it’s difficult to put hair back once it’s been cut. Fifth, pay attention to the direction of your hair growth. Trimming against the grain can cause irritation. Finally, avoid using hot water on your face after trimming. Hot water can open up your pores and lead to infection. If you want more article about Men Beard Styles and Men Hairstyle. Please visit our site: Think & Gossip



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